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This page contains the complete news archive of the GSDView project.


Development site moved to GitHub.

The development site of GSDView has been moved to GitHub. Now the source code repository, the wiki, and the issue tracker can be found at The main project page togeter with the the home page and file download hosting are still on SourceForge.


Renewed sphinx theme.

The HTML sphinx theme has been renewed. It is now based on the pydoctheme.


Packaging scripts updated to support PyInstaller 2.0.

The packaging scripts have been updated to run with the new PyInstaller 2.0.


Implemented support for Python 3.

Now GSDView can be run using Python 3 (GDAL >= 1.10 is required). Contextually support for Python < 2.6 has been dropped.


SCM moved to Git.

The GSDView code is now maintained in a Git repository.

Git is a modern and distributed SCM system that makes it easier for developers to manage the development process.

All developers that have a checkout of the old SVN repository should make a fresh checkout.


The GSDView project moves to Allura.

The GSDView project on has been converted to use the new Allura platform.


GSDView Open Source Edition v. 0.6.5 released.

Fixed some compatibility issues with new PyQt4 and SIP versions. Full support to PySide (>= 1.0.4).

Please refer to ChangeLog for more details.


GSDView now also works with PySide

Full support to PySide has been implemented. Now GSDView can optionally use PySide as Qt4 bindings instead PyQt4 and SIP.


A new tentative package for Mac OS X

A new tentative package for Mac OS X. It includes a beta version of GDSView 0.6.5.

Feedback is very welcome.


GSDView Open v. 0.6.4 run on Fedora 14.

In Fedora 14 it has been fixed a bug in GDAL packaging that caused a GSDView crash on startup. The (recently updated) RPM package now runs nicely on Fedora too.


GSDView Open Source Edition v. 0.6.4 released.

This is an hot-fix release that restores the complete compatibility with GDAL 1.6.x series.

Also some new feature have been added: see ChangeLog.


Ubuntu packages now available via Launchpad.

Source packages and pre-build binary packages for Ubuntu 10.10 are now available via PPA (Personal Package Archive) on Launchpad.

The archive and instructions for usage are at the following URL:


GSDView Open Source Edition v. 0.6.3 released.

This release has been implemented a complete switch of the application to the new PyQt4 API (new signal/slot handling, QString and QVariant are gone, etc.). For this reason GSDView now requires PyQt4 v. 4.6 or newer.

Also some new feature have been added: see ChangeLog.


GSDView Open Source Edition v. 0.6.2 released.

This release don’t include big changes visible to the user. It introduces some important internal changes such as the switch to GDAL 1.6.x series and a new system for full asynchronous handling of computation tasks (including statistics and histogram computation).


GDAL 1.5.x series dropped.

GDAL 1.6.x series introduced a lot of new interesting features and a better progress handling. Dropping 1.5.x series allow to use this new features in the development branch to make GSDView even better.


Binary package for Mac OS X released.

The long waited binary package for Mac OS X is now available. The package provides a standalone executable of GSDView 0.6.1 with a couple of micro-patches backported from trunk.

While GSDView 0.6.1 is considered quite stable the package for Mac OS X is brand new and it is considered beta quality, so any kind of feedback is welcome.


GSDView Open Source Edition v. 0.6.1 released.

This new release brings some major improvement to GSDView including basic support for RGB views, a new tool for image stretching and a new component for mouse modes handling.

Also there is a new dialog that shows detailed info about application crashes and allow the user to submit bug reports.


GSDView Open Source Edition v. 0.6.0 released.

With respect to the alpha version a serious bug in sub-datasets handling has been fixed. New component (PluginManager) for plugin management. It is configurable via preferences dialog.


GSDView Open Source Edition v. 0.6.0 alpha 1 released.

Almost complete application re-write: new architecture that allows multiple data access backends (currently only GDAL backend is provided), updated dataset browser with new contextual actions, Multiple Document Interface (MDI), new preference dialog, improved GDAL configuration handling.


New Home Page.

The project Home Page has been completely rewritten. Now the sphinx tool is used to generate the entire documentation set.


First public release available.

The first public release of GSDView is available for download on SourceForge.

This is still an alpha release with a minimal set of features.

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