A list of the main features of GSDView Open Source Edition v. 0.7.0.dev.

Basic features Status
open arbitrary sized images X
open multiple datasets (with MDI interface) X
zoom in/out X
fast scroll/pan X
mouse modes handling X
print/export metadata X
RGB display X
arbitrary large raster data display X
vector data display
Architecture Status
plug-in architecture X
plug-in manager X
advanced external tool controller X
multiple back-ends support X
Components Status
progress bar X
preferences dialog X
bug-report dialog X
plug-ins management GUI X
datasets browser X
context menu for GDAL objects X
info dialogs for GDAL objects X
overview panel with view port box X
log panel X
logging to file
meta-data panel X
position indicator on world map X
mouse pointer position indicator (row, col) X
mouse pointer geographic position indicator X
Tools Status
image stretching (pixel value scaling) X
selection tool
rotation tool
draw tools
snapshot generation
export raster data footprints to KML X
meta-data dump X
meta-data print X
export GCPs in vector format X
Processing Status
run processing tasks in external processes X
processing tasks can be stopped by the user X
support for standard GDAL tools
band arithmetic
kernel filtering
extra processing tools
GDAL Status
advanced GDAL configuration handling X
automatic pyramids computation X
advanced sub-datasets handling X
dataset creation/editing
raster bands creation/editing
meta-data bands creation/editing
GCPs bands creation/editing
portion extraction
creation of warped datasets
Formats Status
all raster formats supported by GDAL X
all vector formats supported by OGR
Platforms Status
GNU Linux/Unix X
MS Windows XP (32 bit) X
MS Windows Vista
MS Windows 7
Mac OS X X
Distribution Status
Windows installer
Debian packages X
RPM packages X
standalone binary for GNU/Linux [1]
standalone binary for Mac OS X X
python egg [1]
source code availability X


[1](1, 2) the package is delivered on request.


X feature available
feature not currently available
NEW the feature is available and it is a recent addition

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